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DOUBLE CRUSTED PIES: Traditional two crusted pies, full of fruit, a little sugar, flour and spices. All our pies hand crafted!
Traditional Apple Pie
1st and 2nd place winner in the El Dorado County Fair. Our crust is the best!
Blackberry Apple Pie
Blackberries and thin sliced apples are tossed with sugar, flour and spices and topped with our flaky pie crust.
Caramel Apple Pie
Add lots of caramel in the middle of the apples and top with a crust. Our customers come back each year for this favorite. Stock up for the year with these frozen favorites.
Cranberry Orange Apple Pie
Whole cranberries, orange zest and thin sliced apples combined with our pie spices for a favorite during the holidays or anytime! Unbaked, frozen
No Sugar Added Apple Pie
No sugar in the crust or pie spices, just tree-ripened, naturally sweet Golden Delicious apples, apple juice and spices. Nothing more! All our products contain no artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. We also have our No Sugar Added Blackberry Apple Pie, the same apple pie with vine ripened blackberries.
Strawberry Rhubarb Apple Pie
Great tasty combination!
Whole Wheat & Honey Apple Pie
50% whole wheat crust assures a tasty crust with apples sweetened with honey. Take home some dough balls for a great savory quiche.
Giant 7 lb. Party Apple Pie
This is the largest pie in Apple Hill. This pie is huge! 12 inch pie tin filled with apples! Comes complete with easy baking instructions.
PRE-BAKED SPECIALTY PIES: Each pie is rolled and fluted by hand, filled with precooked apples, baked, topped and baked again.
French Apple Pie
Lightly spiced precooked apple filling is topped with light crumbs with a hint of almond. Freezes well after baking.
Pecan Crunch Apple Pie
Toasted pecans and our precooked, spiced apples are baked in a hand fluted pie shell and topped with a brown sugar, butter and pecan crumb mixture before going back in the oven. The combination is unbeatable. Tart apples and sweet buttery topping.
Pumpkin Apple Pie
A classic pumpkin pie, with finely chopped apples.
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie
We bake our hand rolled, flaky pie crust, with a layer of cream cheese filling and a layer of pumpkin filling. Top with a buttery brown sugar walnut topping and bake a little longer. It takes lots of time to create these specialty pies but that is the fun of the harvest season. We call this our "harvest" pie.
Raspberry Cream Cheese Apple Pie
What a treat. Whole raspberries are folded into a sweetened cream cheese mixture with tart Granny Smith apples, then gently placed in the hand fluted pie shell and baked. Topping is the light crumbly topping we use on our French pies.
Sour Cream Apple Pie
Real sour cream makes the difference! Precooked tart apples are tossed with our spice mixture and real sour cream then baked in a flaky pie shell. Finished with a brown sugar, buttery crumb topping and baked again. Very special!
Sour Cream Blackberry Apple Pie
This pie is a most unusual bakery specialty combining our favorite Sour Cream Apple Pie with blackberries. We sell this pie fresh baked or baked and frozen. Take home,defrost and heat to serve when ever you need a very special dessert.
Walnut Apple Pie
We have taken an old fashioned pecan pie recipe, substituted walnuts, added a layer of precooked apples on the bottom of the pie shell and topped the pie with a rich caramel nutty top. Great with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.
Apple Dumplings
Just like Grandma used to make. Take one whole peeled, cored Golden Delicious apple, add spices and butter, wrap the apple in a flaky crust and bake. Delicious served with Apple Cinnamon Sauce. We also make a No Sugar Added Dumpling!
Apple Strudel
Our version of the old classic strudel includes chopped apples, raisins and walnuts rolled up in a very thin flaky pastry. This old world strudel is delicious anytime. We sell them baked or unbaked and frozen.
Apple Pie Cheesecake
So good ! This two layer cheesecake is made from the freshest ingredients available. Take one home for a memorable treat.
Apple Crisp
Big slices of spiced apples are topped with a crumbly mixture of oats, whole wheat flour, and brown sugar baked until it is bubbly and the top is crispy.
Apple Turnover or No Sugar Added Apple Turnover
Puff pastry and naturally sweet apple filling creates the perfectly filled, apple turnover. We sell these frozen by the dozen at a special price for you to take home an enjoy.
Apple Hill Cake
This is the original all time favorite in Apple Hill. This cake is lightly spiced, moist and delicious with twice the apples of other cakes.
Pumpkin Nut Bread
This pumpkin bread is really a pumpkin nut cake. We ship this tasty loaf cake with a bottle of apple cinnamon sauce.
Apple Oatmeal Cookie Dough
These cookies are the snack at the end of educational tours. Everyone loves these cookies. Available baked or by the tub as cookie dough.
"Incredible" Granola Cookie Dough
This cookie is made with our Apple Almond Granola. It has chocolate chips, raisins, chunks of walnuts and our granola. The cookie dough keeps in the freezer.